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Why will WordPress stay relevant in 2022 and beyond?

WordPress is an open-source PHP-based framework that is arguably the most popular website building platform in the world. So, it makes perfect sense to raise the question – why? So, here are some of the reasons that make it relevant in 2022 and beyond.

1. It is Open-Source

By Open-Source, we meant a free platform that you can tweak to get the best out of it. One of the best aspects of choosing WordPress is that the platform is available for free to make anything you design.

So, when you feel that you cannot dedicate the time to building your own WordPress website or you don’t have the experience to use WordPress, you can choose a decent developer to design it from scratch. These sites are custom built with options to ensure that not only will your site look great,
but WordPress sites can also be set up to be discovered in search engines more effectively than a GoDaddy or Wix website. We recommend you talk to our reps to get more in detail on this subject.

2. Quick to Set Up

Nowadays, everyone likes a solution that is quick to set up. Therefore, we believe WordPress is perfect for most customers. Whether you want an eCommerce store or an informative website, it is ideal mix of affordability and functionality. As of 2021, WordPress sites market share (CMS
percentage) is a whopping 62%, with over 455 million websites globally.

WordPress offers variety, and you can choose from thousands of readymade themes, where someone has created the basic components to a site, to create a visually attractive website in a matter of weeks, not months. It supports most of the popular webhosting servers too.

While custom coded websites are still the answer for some companies and ideas, WordPress enables a developer to put out high quality websites without having to having the high cost or required timeframe required to code a normal website.

3. 3rd Party Support

Normally, when you decide to make a custom website, the notion in your head typically is you can tweak it as much as you can. A WordPress site, developed by a competent team like us, can capture your imagination and make it a reality.

Thousands of 3rd Party companies are working tirelessly to develop plugins and addons that you can use to create almost everything you need. On top of that, we can create custom plugins too to meet your demands. Meanwhile, you can always consult with us as we one of the best marketing agencies in Nashville, TN.

4. User-Friendly

Most developers like WordPress as it is easy to customize. On the other hand, most users like WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) is top-notch. In short, it is user-friendly.

With WordPress, changing texts and images is as easy as changing your DP on Facebook. There are several web-builders like Elementor Pro, WB Bakery, and Divi, where you can add minute details while the navigation is smooth.

5. Cost-Effective

No matter how user-friendly the platform is or how much variety it offers, the first question that any business owner wants to know is how much it will cost them. The simple answer to that is – not much!

Sure, there are time requirements for customization, premium products, plugins and addons that you could want to use that will bump up the price, but the main USP of this platform is its flexibility. So, you can create efficient websites by hiring competent developers to minimize the cost.

The Conclusion

So, that concludes the list of reasons why you should consider WordPress the number one website builder as we approach 2022. Now, there is one thing that you should understand it WordPress is just a tool to make websites. On the other hand, Branding Barrel is one of the best WordPress
Development Companies in Nashville, TN.
So, it makes perfect sense to let us design the best website for you.

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