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What are the Top WordPress Themes that you can use for free today?

WordPress is one of the most popular website-building platforms today. It works on themes that have been described brilliantly by the folks of Dreamhost. However, today, we will learn about the top WordPress themes that you can use for free.


Astra is arguably the most popular WordPress theme, which is free to access. It supports most website builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and many more. The designs are decent, and you can customize them exactly how you like. It offers a pro version, but the free version is more than enough to build a decent site.


OceanWP is a very popular WP theme that is fast and reliable. The customization options are top-notch, and the designs are decent-looking. The plugin support is fantastic, and the free version is good enough in most cases. You can try the paid features for advanced options.


Storefront is ideal for small eCommerce businesses. It is a free WP theme whose plugin support is adequate to craft a decent website. Even though you might find the tweaking options and its design a bit limited, the speed at which you can access the site compensates for that drawback.


GeneratePress is ideal for new bloggers who wish to launch their careers. The blogging features are all there, and the site loads up quickly. However, you can unlock its true potential if you purchase the paid version.


Sydney arguably offers the best landing page websites in WordPress. It is user-friendly, and you can customize the site promptly. Contact us if you need help setting up this theme. The main USP of this theme is its professional look and feel. With its pro version, you can truly unlock a new creative world.


With ColorMag, you can build Magazine-based websites effortlessly. It is also ideal for News sites. The features are very prompt, and the site loads up pretty fast. Sure, you can do much more with its paid version. You can mention the best features of this theme in the comment box if you have used ColorMag before.


If you are looking for a clean and slick WordPress theme, we suggest Hestia. It works with most website builders, and the plugin support is excellent. Also, it balances the design and customization aspects very well. For more info about this theme, contact us now.


OnePress is a tech-based theme famous for its good looks and customization options. The plugin support is mostly good, and the site is pretty light. So, it loads very fast. You can try building landing pages with this theme too.

The Conclusion

Please know this, there are hundreds of free themes that you can use to build your website. We have selected these themes because of their speed, customization options, and popularity. Please let us know your best theme in WordPress in the comments section. Also, you can try our service. We are Branding Barrel, one of the best Web Development firms in Nashville, TN.

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