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What are the top Digital Marketing Tools in 2023?

It is true that we have not explored the potentiality of digital marketing tools. Current applications disrupt the status quo and offer huge potential for the future. There are many emerging techs that can help you build better buyer experiences. You can integrate these tools into your marketing campaigns to improve products and services. It can also drive interest, win new clients, and increase loyalty. So, without delay, let us discuss the top tools in 2023.

You can incorporate these tools into your marketing to make big gains. SG360deg’s report on future direct mail found that 81% of respondents used emerging tech to optimize direct mailing. A USPS survey reported that users saw more web traffic (68%), a higher response rate (63%), ROI growth (60%), and a surge of leads (53%).

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools

You may not widely use these tools, but they could be the driving force behind tomorrow’s direct mailing campaigns. So, here they are:

1. Video in Print (ViP)

These are a form of video ads integrated into printed mail pieces. You can also use them in print catalogs and mailers. Meanwhile, you can ask for help in making videos from us. We are the best SEO agency in Nashville, TN.

2. Virtual Reality (VR)

A tech that creates real or simulated environments to generate sensory experiences such as sight, sound, and touch. So, it is ideal for several tech-based industries.

3. Mixed Reality

It Combines augmented and virtual tech to create immersive experiences that include sight, sound, and touch.

4. Near-Field Communications (NFC)

A small chip embedded in a mailer that can be identified by NFC-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can access the video, website, or other content by placing devices close to the chip.

5. Voice Assistants

This tech allows users to interact directly with their devices using a specific command in order to receive product and service info.

The Conclusion

Many of these techs might seem futuristic, but it is constantly improving at an ever-faster rate. Keep your eyes open for these new tools. These tools could be key marketing tools in the future. Meanwhile, you can also check on us for any help you need. We are Branding Barrel – the best digital marketing agency in Nashville, TN.

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