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Top 5 SEO Audit Tools that you should consider

While SEO audit tools are a time-saver and frustration-saver, they cannot replace a manual assessment. These tools can help you gather the necessary information to conduct a comprehensive and effective site audit. SEO tools that aren’t properly used won’t help you solve SEO problems. It is important to take the time to learn how the tools work. These are the tools that we use to evaluate sites and link profiles. The exact combination used will vary from project to project.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a powerful tool that allows you to do everything, from competitor analysis to content research and web monitoring. Their tools are easy to use, and the learning curve is minimal. They also offer great tutorials. The pricing ranges from $100 per month to almost $1000 for agency plans. This is more than most businesses require. You can also learn how to use this tool if you talk with our executives.

2. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a tool that allows you to locate broken links and pages. The paid version has more advanced features and allows you to examine many aspects of your website and those of your competitors. We suggest you check our SEO service and discuss how to execute this tool. Meanwhile, we are Branding Barrel, the best digital marketing agency in Nashville, TN.

3. Link Research Tools

This toolbox allows you to analyse your site’s and rivals’ complete backlink profiles. It is great for compiling links and sources. Link Research Tools is a powerful option when cleaning up an algorithmic or manual link penalty. So, you can also run before and after assessments of your “link risk score” to see how removing certain links could impact your overall link profile’s health.

4. Google Search Console

Google provides many analytics and search tools. Google Search Console lets you receive alerts about critical issues or errors, ensuring your site is always Google-friendly. So, you can also view HTML errors and check indexation stats. On top of that, this tool is free, but you can still get enough info to conduct a site audit.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used tool. You can monitor page clicks, traffic sources, unique visitors and other information by installing code to your site. This should be the first thing you do on your website. As we are the best SEO agency in Nashville, TN, we suggest this tool for site audits.

The Conclusion

One thing that you should know is that all these tools that we mentioned today are only mechanisms. They will only work for you if you know how to use them correctly. That is why it is integral to hire a reputable SEO agency to make the most of these tools.

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