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Top 4 Ideas to Boost Local Marketing

One of the biggest trends for 2022’s clients has been the transition into the suburbs. The urbanization of America has changed how we live, work, and play. This trend was prevalent prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the health crisis that has hit the nation has amplified it. People are more likely to shop in the areas they reside in to ensure security or convenience. Smaller local firms are frequently regarded as more secure than big-box stores. There’s also a growing need to support local firms during economic hardship. Hence, the need for efficient local marketing is eminent today.

If you are a company looking to boost its revenue, this implies more essence upon localized sales. According to a report by Accenture, 2/3 of the consumers are shopping at local stores or purchasing more local-sourced items. So, one can sense people in the suburbs, more often than not, prefer to buy locally. Now the big question is – how can you reach local buyers? Here are 4 ways to get engaged.

1. Emphasize direct mail

Direct mail that includes photos of your area and references local landmarks and people makes you feel at belonging. “Conveniently located just one block from Town Square!” Now, you can use a ton of business support merchandise via direct mail to promote local marketing. Of course, you can get more info on which one to send to which client for a better response if you consult us. We are, after all, the best digital marketing company in Nashville, TN.

2. Utilize local images

To promote local businesses, get rid of the stock photos and instead use photos taken in your local area instead. Display the local architecture, landscape and even the people. It would be best if you let the local residents see what you are offering is made right here.

3. Create personalized maps

The software you use can create dynamically personalized maps for your emails and printed materials. You can display the travel route from the office or home to your venue or store. It would be best to include distance, time of travel, and essential landmarks, like parking garages and eateries. You can check on us if you have a query on what else you need to add or remove from the map. We are Branding Barrel – the best SEO agency in Nashville, TN.

4. Utilize radio to spark excitement

Radio has a very local vibe, so you should use localized ads to promote your event ahead of the direct mail campaign. You can use a catchphrase like “Look for our coupon for 10% off in your mailbox very soon!” Boost awareness and increase the chance that someone will read your direct mailer the moment it is received.

The Conclusion – Emphasize more Local Marketing

It’s a time that buyers are more and more enthused about the comforts of their own homes. It would be best for them to feel that desire with strong localized multichannel marketing that keeps your clients’ hearts – and shopping preferences mostly local.

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