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Nashville Growth & How to Capitalize

Nashville Growth & How to Capitalize


The city of Nashville is in the middle of a population explosion. The number of people living in Davidson County has increased by over 100,000 since 2010, and the numbers keep rising. While you might think this growth comes at the expense of quality of life for locals (and tourists), it’s actually been good for everyone involved—locals are still able to enjoy all that Nashville has to offer but now have more opportunities than ever before. If you’re thinking about moving your company or brand here, then there are some things to consider before making such a big decision. If you already have a business in Nashville, or are looking for help to decide if Nashville is right for your business, let’s take a look at how we got here in the first place and what some areas of local digital marketing can do to capitalize on this growth!

The city’s population has increased by over 100,000 since 2010.

Nashville’s population growth is undeniable. The city’s population has increased by over 100,000 since 2010, and it continues to grow at a rapid rate. This growth is due to a variety of factors, including employment opportunities and lower cost of living compared to other major cities in the U.S., such as New York City or Los Angeles.

Nashville has become an up-and-coming city where people can find jobs that pay well without having to live paycheck-to-paycheck like many other places across America do. As Nashville continues its upward trajectory toward becoming one of America’s most desirable cities for young professionals looking for work, the constant growth is seen in our economy, and presents an absolutely fantastic opportunity for businesses to grow within the area.

It’s not just the size of Nashville that is changing, but its make-up as well.

It’s not just the size of Nashville that is changing, but its make-up as well.

Nashville is becoming more diverse: The city has seen an increase in its Hispanic population by 45 percent since 2000 and now makes up 7 percent of Nashvillians (compared to 4 percent nationally). Additionally, Nashville’s African American population has increased by nearly 50 percent over the last decade, making up 15 percent of residents today compared to 9 percent nationwide.

Nashville is becoming more educated: A higher percentage of adults have graduated from college here than anywhere else in America–56 percent! That means you’ll be rubbing shoulders with many intelligent people who have studied all sorts of subjects including science, technology and business at local institutions like Vanderbilt University or Austin Peay State University.

Nashville is becoming more urban: There are plans underway for new high-rise buildings downtown along West End Avenue near Centennial Park where you can enjoy views over Broadway Street towards The Gulch area across Elliston Place Boulevard where there are countless restaurants within walking distance from your apartment building such as Morton’s Steakhouse & Bar; Hard Rock Cafe; Tin Roof Beer Garden & Oyster Bar; Bonefish Grill; Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Visitors are also taking notice of growth in Nashville.

Visitors are also taking notice of Nashville’s growth.

From a tourist standpoint, Nashville is an ideal location for people to visit. Our city has a lot to do and see, as well as eat! There are plenty of things for tourists to do in the city: they can go shopping at Opry Mills Mall or eat at some new restaurant downtown that just opened up last week. They can even catch a show at Bridgestone Arena or Ryman Auditorium–both venues have hosted some big name acts like Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks over the years so you know it’ll be worth your while if you go check out either one!

The city saw a 25% increase in tourism between 2017 and 2018 alone.

To understand the difference between tourism and travel, we need to first look at what each term means. Travel is an activity that involves going from one place to another for a period of time. Tourism refers to both domestic and international travel for pleasure or business purposes.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) defines tourism as “the activities of persons visiting places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited.” This includes short-term visitors who stay less than 24 hours in a country; long-stay visitors who stay longer than 24 hours but less than six months; seasonal workers whose stay is no longer than six months; migrants who move permanently between countries; as well as those who cross borders regularly for work or study reasons but remain resident in their home country throughout the year.

But it isn’t just tourists who are noticing that Nashville has grown.

But it isn’t just tourists who are noticing that Nashville has grown. Local and national businesses are seeing the increase in tourism and population, too. They’re seeing an increase in visitors and an increase in their own business as well as demand for their products and services.

So, what does this mean for Nashville? It means that the city will continue to grow. The demand for housing is increasing as more people move here and businesses are expanding in order to meet this growing demand. If you have a business that services or supplies items crucial to this market, then targeting these businesses would likely give a good ROI. If new residents are a demographic that you would like to look at, then figuring out where the influxes are going would be a great way to target them.

Digital Marketing to target local demographics

  • You need to understand your target audience.
  • Understanding local demographics is important.
  • Digital marketing can help you reach your target audience, so it’s a good idea to invest in digital marketing campaigns if you want to grow your business and increase sales.

Types of local digital marketing that a business could do

  • Email marketing: email is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience and deliver content that they will want to read. It also averages the highest ROI for engaging customers that you have already sold.
  • Social media marketing: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all great platforms for local businesses to connect with customers in a personal way. Knowing the up to date statistics on these different platforms might help decide which ones need your focus.
  • Local search engine optimization (SEO): Search engines like Google rank sites based on how relevant they are to keywords searched by users in their area or region. This is a long term option that can really help keep costs down for Pay Per Click and conversions on your physical sige.
  • Video marketing: Videos are an excellent way of getting information across quickly and effectively while also being engaging at the same time!
  • Content marketing: Producing regular blog posts on topics related to your business will help build trust among potential customers while educating them at the same time!
  • Geofencing: Targeting people on their mobile phones when go to a specific geographical area. This is a fantastic option for restaurants, car lots, events, and more.
  • Reputation Management: Make sure your business’ information is correct across the internet. Nothing is a more definitive way to loose business if your customers cannot find you or reach you.

Know your numbers

  • Know your numbers.
  • Track them regularly.
  • Be aware of where you stand in relation to those numbers, so that you can make adjustments as needed to stay on track with your goals and achieve success.

There are many metrics that are important for business owners to track: revenue growth, customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer lifetime value (CLV), etc.

There are many ways to capitalize on Nashville’s growth, but it all starts with knowing where you fit in as a company or brand

Nashville’s growth is a great opportunity to capitalize on the increase in population and business. However, it’s important to know where you fit in as a company or brand. Do you understand the local market? Are your products or services relevant to that audience? Are there other companies offering similar products/services?

If yes: Then what makes your company different from everyone else? How can this be communicated effectively through marketing campaigns and which campaigns are you going to use?

If no: Take time now so that when next year rolls around, Nashville will still see growth but also see how businesses like yours are capitalizing on this growth for themselves


There are many ways to capitalize on Nashville’s growth, but it all starts with knowing where you fit in as a company or brand. If you want to reach local consumers, then digital marketing is the way to go. You can target them by using Facebook ads or Google AdWords campaigns that are targeted at people who live in Tennessee and have visited your website before. These methods will help grow your business while keeping costs low!

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