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Is the Geofencing Process Ethical in the United States?

Have you ever walked by an establishment and got location-based reports that entice you with specials and discounts on products you’ve recently purchased? You might think, “What suitable timing!” and make their way straight to the shop. However, some may think it is too much of a coincidence. So, in this article, we will discuss if the Geofencing process is ethical or not.

What is the Geofencing Process Exactly?

The process of getting data via Geofencing can reveal customer habits. You can do that by monitoring previous purchases, previous shopping trips, the frequency of visits to stores, and the interests of customers. The Academy of Pulsate What’s Geofencing? (2016) said, “Geofencing provides you with insights into the places your customers go throughout the world which isn’t necessarily your location or perhaps your competitors’ locations too.” Branding Barrel – is one of the best Branding Companies in Nashville. You should check out the service if you own a business.

What is the Point of Conflict?

As per the Webster Dictionary, what makes an act or conduct moral can be defined as “when the act “…conforms to the accepted ethical standards”. With the advances in GPS technology, Geofencing is becoming a popular marketing method. The improved accuracy of the GPS allows targeted ads timed precisely to draw customers within a few steps of the chosen store site.

Louis (2018) declared, “In fact, according to a report from Global Market Insights, the global market for geofencing is predicted to grow to over $1.7 billion by 2024.”

Manjoo (2018) said, “Tech has now captured nearly all of our visual capabilities. Americans spend anywhere from three to four hours per day on their phones.” Thus, numerous companies are using geofencing marketing capabilities. They are finding great results in focusing on people who are not aware. Now, if people are unaware of this fact and be influenced by such methods as per the standards of ethics, you can accept these standards.

It would imply that, as a marketing process, Geofencing is acceptable to use. But just because something occurs does not mean it’s right or accepted by the public. So, if it is a matter of consent or the people’s knowledge, the Geofencing process may not appear to be an effective way to increase sales. Learn how you, too, can beat your rival using this process. Let us know what you feel in the comments segment. Contact us if you need have any doubt or queries.

The Conclusion

As per the business standards and practices, Geofencing is ethical and, in the sense of law, legal. However, as we are the best Digital Marketing Agency in Nashville, TN, we can say it falls in the grey area. Sure, it sounds like you are being forced. But, at the same time, it works fantastic for any the sellers. So, if your question is, “is Geofencing ethical?” The answer will vary on who you are asking.

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