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How much would you likely pay a WordPress site maintenance?

Many people just starting online think creating a WordPress website is enough. They don’t realize the need to pay a fee for maintenance. The notion is incorrect, though. Without a WordPress site maintenance plan, the users cannot access backups & security monitoring, as well as updates for the platform and a host of other features.

If a website is hacked or its server goes down. Sometimes, it is impossible to repair the website. So, it can threaten the stature of the business entirely. You can find numerous stories on the internet regarding hacking and database leak incidents. Even people could not run their businesses due to no regular maintenance plan. So, one thing is for sure. You need to rely on someone who can take care of your site all the time.

Cyberattacks - Need WordPress Site Maintenance
Cyberattacks on Websites.

According to ICTSD, cyberattacks are costly for small-sized businesses. A small-sized business that is located in the US will shell out $25,612 for cyberattacks in 12 months. Even more shocking is that according to Cyberventure, 60% of small firms shut down within 6 months of being attacked. So, it makes more sense that you need a WordPress site maintenance plan. You can also check our website services.

It is the perfect moment to consider how much your business online will be to your benefit. And what amount would you spend to avoid the hassle and loss of a compromised website? If you’ve figured out the price of not having a regular maintenance plan, we’ll look at the amount it would cost to get one.

WordPress Site Maintenance cost estimate

It isn’t easy to figure out how much upkeep of WordPress will cost you. As these sites are available in various dimensions and shapes and satisfy specific requirements, it is hard to map out a template. However, at Branding Barrel – one of the best web development firms in Nashville, TN, we have been performing WordPress site maintenance for a few years and have worked with more than 1500 customers.

We also look into what the other service providers are doing to ensure we keep ahead of the pack. In this regard, here’s our estimate of the amount you can expect to pay:

1. Important WordPress Maintenance Features:

  • Daily Backups
  • Security monitoring
  • Monitoring of uptime
  • Updates to Plugins and Themes
  • Removal of malware
  • Cost range of a month is $50 to $150.

2. Medium-WordPress Maintenance Features:

  • All the features of the Basic plan plus
  • Security audits every month
  • Support for eCommerce
  • Speed Optimization
  • Optimization of hosting
  • The cost for the month is $200-$400

3. WordPress Maintenance Features that are Advanced WordPress Maintenance Features:

  • All the services of the medium plan plus
  • Website changes (contact details, adding pages, etc.)
  • Customizing the functionality
  • Professional support specialist and project manager.
  • Cost range for a month is $500 to $1000.

The Conclusion

In addition to these expenses, you should think about the other costs of developing your WordPress site. Domain name renewals cost between $10-30 per calendar year, depending on the registrar. Hosting package – ranges from $20 for shared packages up to hundreds of dollars per month for a virtual server and cloud-based account based on the resources utilized. Email accounts cost about $10 for each account per month if you are using Google Apps or Zoho. Yellow Objects estimates that an annual maintenance contract is about 15% of the development costs.

So, for most small and medium enterprises, that’s an annual cost of between $1500 and $3,000. Of course, you should always remember that the cost will vary depending on your needs.

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