We build WordPress Websites

A website is where people find the digital existence of your business. It is pivotal as the world is going digital all along. What we ensure you own a website that serves the cause. You may be an online seller or influencer; we make sure your site delivers.

Website Development

e-Commerce Website

WordPress Plugins Customization

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a robust website-building platform for every kind of business. Let us know why it is good for you too:

  • Easy to operate Content Management System (CMS).
  • Easy to operate Content Management System (CMS).
  • Quick to build Online Stores with e-Commerce functionalities.
  • Comes with SEO-ready plugins and add-ons.
  • 100% customizable framework which can integrate any functions.
  • Infinite 3rd Party software integration.

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How we work?

Research Work

Every business has a competition somewhere in the world. So, we will find sites that we can take references. The first step is to do the research part, and we will come up with suitable plans to build a website for you. In the meantime, you can learn more about Branding Barrel here.

Build a Sitemap

After the ground-level research, we will prepare a concrete sitemap for your website. It will show what your site will consist of. Of course, here we will ask your opinion if you wish to change anything. We will finalize it after that.

Contract Signing

Once you are happy with the sitemap, we must sign a contract. In the contract, the entire fee structure will be there along with the milestone division. Also, the Total Allocation of Time (TAT) will be mentioned. You need to sign it once agreed. We also insist you check out our values before you sign the final contract.

Building Website Layout

Based on the sitemap, we will create the structure of the entire site. First the homepage, then the rest of the pages. We will keep in touch with you once while we are developing the site. You can add your valuable inputs too.

Adding Content

The content of any website is its soul. There is nothing to promote or highlight if the content is not worthy. By content, we also include the graphics, icons, and other designing assets. Again, we need your insights here to draft the perfect content. On a sidenote, you can check the Industry News here.

Adding Meta Data

The finished website can look naked if we don’t add metadata to all the pages. Meta-information includes a short description of the respective web page and a suitable title. It is essential to rank the site in search engine results. See our SEO and SMM services too.

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