A Geo-target Marketing Strategy - Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is a marketing strategy where we target a particular area to promote any business. The idea is to run ad campaigns in a specific geographical area targeting local customers. If you own a retail store or any kind of outlet from where you sell your product or service, this service works the best. There are excellent SEOSMM, and Google Ads services, but this service works best for local businesses. Now, let us know how Geo-fencing work.

Audience Targeting

The first step is to identify who you want to target. For that, we will analyze your products or services and figure out the category of customers that you should target.

Execute Campaigns

The second step is to create the ad campaigns. Now, this is purely subjective of the nature of your business. We will create visually attractive ads with an appeal that will draw attention.

Generating Impressions

The final step is to observe how many impressions the ad campaign is generating. We are flexible enough to change strategies if necessary to provide maximum impressions from every ad.

Get Real-time Reports

The Geofence Campaign results are dynamic, and you can see them in real-time. We will ensure you can see statistical data every we execute an ad. You can get to see how many people have seen your ad and shown interest in it. You can also get to know how many of them visited your retail store after seeing the ad. Now, if you are concerned with your business reputation, check our Reputation Management service. If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

It starts with a minimum of 100,000 impressions which is valid for 30 days. The typical rate of using up impressions is 8-20 units per viewer.

There is a limit where you can target up to 25 physical locations under 1 active campaign.

This is a question which we can’t answer in one go. We can only speculate and give you a tentative number after we do the initial research.

Here is a list of data we need from you to execute a Geofence campaign:

  • List of target locations.
  • The business name and its physical address.
  • The link that will lead the target audience to a particular site (preferably your website).

No. The cost to design the ad is separate. However, we have an expert team of graphic designers capable of drafting eye-catchy designs exclusively for your ad campaigns. We do it at a reasonable fee as well that we suggest you should check out first.

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