Work Methodology


Getting introduced is, of course, the first step. Pleasantries are important here as we need to trust each other. Learn more about our company. We need to be sure that we are on the same page to get the desired results. We are typically thorough with our introduction and are transparent in what we are offering.

Understanding your Business

The next step is to thoroughly understand what you sell. Who are your prime competitors? Is the price that you are charging justified? You can be a manufacturer, a retailer, or a service provider. The first thing that we do is to analyze how your business is doing as of now. Check out our SEO and SMM services.


The next step is to generate lots of analytical data. That will reflect how exactly is your business performing. Based on these data, we will suggest some of the quick remedies to fix anything if necessary. We will also recommend some proactive steps too before taking control. You can see our Website Management services to get more information.

Strategy Display

The stage is set to show what we can do for you. We will explain the strategies that we can chalk out for you. Of course, there will be solid reasoning as to why we are doing something backed by statistical data. Of course, we will need your valuable inputs to make it even better. Also, check out how we can run Google Ads campaigns for you.

Client Agreement

Branding Barrel follows one strict protocol – never force a client to spend unnecessarily. Once we show you the plans along with the campaign budget, we leave that decision to you to make. Sure, we will explain it till it is clear to you, but we never enforce it. If in case you have any doubt, feel free to talk to us.

Meeting Milestones

Once we reach an agreement, we are 100% committed to the cause. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports will be there for you to see. We will achieve the milestones set in the plan. However, if necessary, we will alter courses for the sake of a better plan. Meanwhile, you can also check the Industry News and get valuable information about the IT industry.

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