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6 Must-Have Features which should be there on your e-Commerce Website

It’s not too late to participate in social media. If you’re an integrated marketing professional dragging your feet with e-Commerce, it’s the right time! The ideal solution is an e-Commerce website. However, you must check on some of the features which we believe should be there on your site. So, without wasting more time, let us discuss 6 crucial features.

1. Integrated SEO

It is the most effective way. SEO has the highest return on investment of any marketing technique for retailers. An online search initiates 93% of traffic! You must be on the first page of results when a user seeks out “furry red widget” (or any other search term). The majority of popular platforms include SEO optimization, providing you with the tools needed to boost your pages’ ranking. You can talk to us to know how you can integrate this feature into your site. We are Branding Barrel, one of the best web development firms in Nashville, TN.

2. Seamless Payment Systems

Many online stores accept various types of secure and seamless payments. We can help you set up the payment gateways too. Beyond the standard Mastercard, Visa, and Amex, you can use PayPal, Bitcoin, Affirm, bitcoin, and other payment options. Most clients prefer a wide variety of payment modes to choose from.

3. Built-In Cart Receiver

A major and exciting new feature to be added to the current new generation of online shopping is the built-in cart recovery feature. It can target customers who’ve bought their goods but abandoned them before they’ve completed checkout. If you target those shoppers who are gun-shy, you can send the right messages at the right moment. So, you may be able to increase 34 times the number of sales (compared to an email that is mass or bulk).

4. Auto Responsiveness

Were we talking about abandoning carts? On desktops, the number is around 73%. But on mobile, it increases upwards to up to 85%. The smaller the screen size, the more likely a buyer will not click the buy button. A responsive website can help to combat this by loading quicker as well as looking more attractive, and presenting as a reliable, legitimate site. We urge you to stop by our website service. We are an expert in making sites responsive.

5. Social Media Integration

A lot of e-commerce platforms have social sharing tools on their product pages. It allows clients to connect their products to their networks. Retailers like Nordstrom, Target, and Home Depot use this feature to boost their social media advertising. It eventually helps them to connect with new clients. You can also show potential buyers the most popular items, providing an impression of social proof. You can check our SMM service. That should feed more info to you.

6. Remarketing Tools

Through built-in remarketing capabilities, you can serve relevant banners. You can deploy paid search ads to your customers looking. Then you can bargain according to what items they browsed through and how far along the funnel they were. Remarketing also lets you advertise to clients who have completed the purchase to boost the loyalty of your customers, awareness, and sales! Get more info on how you can deploy these tools.

The Conclusion on e-Commerce Website

e-Commerce sites can help you set up your store in days, and the best part is you can reach any part of the country. Even any part of the world if you can push hard. Of course, we can be your guide and mentor in every step. After all, we are the best digital marketing agency in Nashville, TN.

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