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5 Tips to Increase your Conversion Ratio in Google Ads in 2022

When you initiate a Google Ad, the first thing that usually pops up is whether or not it is generating enough traffic. If it doesn’t, then well, you need to address that separately. However, if it is generating traffic, then the next question is whether or not the conversion is satisfactory. So, today we will discuss 5 tips that will increase your conversion ratio moving deep into 2022.

1. Setup Conversion Tracking

They say, “Knowledge is power!” So, it is imperative that you know how well your ad campaign is doing. For that, we are suggesting using a specific tool called Conversion Tracking. It is a free service from Google that will tell you how good or bad your current ad is doing.

In other words, it will track the conversions made by that particular ad campaign. Now, if you are unsure how to integrate that tool, Branding Barrel can help you out, as we offer the best Google Ads services in Nashville, TN.

2. Use Prompt Keywords

It is an absolute necessity that you choose the best keywords relevant to the kind of ads you are running. Here, what we recommend is to use specific keywords.

For example, if you sell Motorola mobile phones, you should promote them by using the exact phone’s model number that you wish to sell here. So, instead of “motorola mobile,” use “motorola g40.” In this way, your ad will get more specific search results.

3. Understand and Implement Negative Keywords

The goal of every Google Ad is to generate sales or leads. So, you won’t just want traffic; you want quality traffic. That is when you should use Negative Keywords. You can use these keywords to deflect those visitors who are not likely to purchase your product or services.

The word “free” can be a fantastic example of a Negative Keyword. You won’t need an audience who are looking for a free service. So, by using this keyword, your ad will stop showing it to those looking for a free service.

4. Understand and Implement Search Terms Report

The Search Terms Report from Google provides the exact data of the list of most-searched keywords for a particular niche. Using this tool, you can efficiently figure out which keywords you should use in your Ad campaign.

It will also help you determine the negative keywords to filter out unwanted traffic. You are always free to consult with us for any help here.

5. Display Product Prices in the Ads

Nowadays, people care about products or services whose prices are on display. So, it would be wise to follow the trend and show how much it is usually going to cost to the customers. It is a statistically proven fact that ads with price included have a significantly higher conversion ratio than those that haven’t. So, we recommend the same.

The Conclusion

So, that concludes our tips on how you can increase the conversion ratio of Google Ad campaigns in 2022. Also, we recommend checking on us as we offer the best digital marketing agency in Nashville, TN.

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